and there is WAY too much to do here to be bored. Firstly we like to brag that we are essentially at the center of all the awesomeness in the World. The Kruger National Park is a stones throw away so go tantalise those safari taste buds with a day trip to Kruger spying lions and spotting ellies and all manner of amazing things. Secondly we are on the brink of the largest GREEN canyon in the world— the Blyde River canyon, so we have oodles of knowledge on tours, boat trips and rafting that can be done here. As well as that, we have animal rehabilitation centers, snake parks, and so so much more! And thats without mentioning our FAVOURITE bit– the community tours and experiences! After all the heart of Africa lies not only in the landscape and scenery, but in the people!!

Our Tours

We also are putting together bicycle tours, and donkey cart tours for those that wish to absorb the vibe at a different pace. Please contact us to custom make a tour or for more information.

Shik Shack Walking Tour of the Sigagule Village

On this tour you will get to experience the community in the best way, on foot! You will have the opportunity to visit a local crèche, have a tasting of some traditional food and beer, visit some donkeys and may even have your future read by a local Sangoma (Traditional healer).
This tour is +/- 2.5 hours long.

R 250 per person

Traditional meal at Nourish and a Shik Shack walking tour of Sigagule Village

On this tour you will get to have the full experience of the walking tour but instead of having just a tasting of a traditional meal you will get to have a full delicious traditional meal, that we couldn’t recommend enough! The meal consists of pap, chicken, chakalaka and home picked spinach. The meal will be hosted at local NPO Nourish.
Hours – 10am till 1:30pm or 12pm till 3:30pm

R 400 per person

Nourish Interaction Day

Want to spend the day giving back to the local community and help us to grow sustainable communities? Then this is the option for you! During your day at Nourish you will get to experience everything from helping making food for the children, planting vegetables, watering trees and see the day to day running of a grassroots NPO. Take it from us there is nothing better than spending the day around happy, laughing children.
Hours – 10am till 3pm

R 250 per person for half day
R500 per person for full day

Nourish Interaction Half Day with Traditional Meal

Still want to get involved in Nourish and give back but don’t have time to give up a full day? Then why not come and spend the morning with us? During this interaction you can get involved with our crèche kids by singing songs, playing games and doing crafts. After spending some time with the kids we will give you a short tour of the project facilities.
Hours – 9am – 12pm (no Lunch) 9am – 1pm (Lunch)

R400 per person

Traditional Church Experience

During this unique tour you can join women from the local village when they go to church to hear the jubilant African music and see just how important the church is to the local people in their daily culture.
Part of the culture is when you go to church knees and shoulders must be covered and women must wear a head doek. We will provide a wrap skirt and head doek for the women. Men are able to wear normal trousers and a long sleeved shirt.
Unfortunately you will not be able to take any pictures during this tour as this is a religious ceremony.
Hours – Sundays 12am – 2pm

R 250 per person

Fishing with Local Men

Love to fish? Why not come and learn how the men in village traditionally fish. This is a relaxed tour where you can immerse yourself in local culture while enjoying the peace and quiet of fishing under the African Sun at a local dam.
This tour includes Vetkoek (a traditional food) and a cold drink.
Hours – Saturday or Sunday 7am till 10am or 3pm till 5pm

R 300 per person

Traditional Meal at local grassroots NPO Nourish

During this tour you will have the opportunity to have a delicious home cooked meal prepared by 3 local grannies. This meal consists of pap ( a traditional staple food), Chicken, Chakalaka and home grown spinach.
Hours – 12pm – 1:30pm

R 300 per person

With every tour we kindly ask you to pack for a purpose. If you are able to we would greatly appreciate you bringing anything from soccer balls, pencils, beads, seeds or even old clothes etc. All these items will go a long way in supporting the children and the community that nourish works with every day.

Every little helps to grow sustainable communities.