Life is too short to be bored....

and there is WAY too much to do here to be bored. Firstly we like to brag that we are essentially at the center of all the awesomeness in the World. The Kruger National Park is a stones throw away so go tantalise those safari taste buds with a day trip to Kruger spying lions and spotting ellies and all manner of amazing things. Secondly we are on the brink of the largest GREEN canyon in the world— the Blyde River canyon, so we have oodles of knowledge on tours, boat trips and rafting that can be done here. As well as that, we have animal rehabilitation centers, snake parks, and so so much more! And thats without mentioning our FAVOURITE bit– the community tours and experiences! After all the heart of Africa lies not only in the landscape and scenery, but in the people!!

Our Tours

We also are putting together bicycle tours, and donkey cart tours for those that wish to absorb the vibe at a different pace. Please contact us to custom make a tour or for more information.

Traditional Meal Tour

Traditional Meal

Crafting Experience Tour

Walking Tour